#Self Esteem

When I was a student, many students used to have this issue and one of my friend shared this with me in a chit :

I lack when it comes to self-confidence. When a teacher ask question in class ,I know it but can’t answer because I am afraid that what will happen if my answer is wrong.Also I fail to take initiative, to volunteer even if I want to, but everytime someone step up before I could convince myself and opportunity slips away.

Can you see the meaning lying in this phrase “before I could”.This is called threshold, which pushes us to take any initiative and to move ahead alone, far from the crowd.This is not a rocket science, anyone willing to achieve this can achieve easily.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

Improving your self esteem is as essential as you need mobile phone :D.There are two type of people: 1)With high self esteem 2)With low self esteem. There is no one who lies in between.Its a kind of digital 1 and 0 system. 🙂 And having esteem gives you a boost to be happy and encourages you to go ahead.

Having low self esteem indicates following things:

1)You are very rude to yourself

2)You are giving chance to yourself to improve

3)You are extremely unhappy by the way you are or appear to others

Guys!, It is only you who is responsible for your self esteem so change this.Change the way you think about yourself.Its only you and you who can make you happy, so start building your self esteem.Low self esteem brings negativity, bad mental health is what you gets free with this.

Try simple steps to improve yourself, its not at all tough!! Learn new things, and grab the opportunities.Doing so, if you win, you will start ignoring the bad side of you or you will stop focussing on things that gives you low self esteem.

Surround yourself with positive people. What gets in, comes out.(input and output).You can think of the time when you are with positive people, at that time you feel very happy , motivated and confident. But the moment you are with negative people, negativity comes all around and you start complaining about things you shouldn’t to.

Pretend as if you have already got what you want to achieve and then start working on that.As the great psychologist, William James, said, “If you want a quality, first act as if you already had it.”  

Start reading this book  Improve Self-Esteem Forever” by Tyler Moore and “You can win” .It will really boost you up!!Be a magnet for happiness.

Try to win, even when you loose something!!

All the best for building Self Esteem 🙂